Dogs Are My Favorite People Pajama Lounge Pants Featuring Puppies

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Dogs Are My Favorite People Pajama Lounge Pants featuring lots of puppies!

Dogs Are My Favorite People Pajama Lounge Pants are perfect for dog lovers! If you are a dog person and want to express your love for your furry friends these pants are the perfect fit. 

  THE PERFECT LOUNGE PAJAMA PANTS … Whether you’re watching television, relaxing, lounging, or taking a walk. These adorable pants will always keep you comfy and looking good.

 INNOVATIVE DURABLE FABRIC … Tough-wearing and great looking, these comical pajamas are made from polyester with cena synthetic silk to make them pop with vivid color.

 FANTASTIC UNISEX DESIGN … Ideal for all dog and puppy lovers, these pants are designed for men and women alike to truly express themselves.

 PICK YOUR PERFECT SIZE … Choose from Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large to get comfy in the pajama pants size that suit you best.

 COMFY LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN … Loose-fitting and lightweight for ultimate comfort, these lounge sweatpants are made with wide leg openings to sleekly move with you.

The innovative material used to create this product is a specialized polyester blend that mimics the temperature of your body. The light-weight and breathable material provides all-day comfort while wearing.

90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
Drawstring closure
Machine Wash