South Haven Collar and Lead package -exclusive design!

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So, at Decadent Dogs our very favorite collar and leash is from Up Country-Made in the USA!

Imagine our delight when we realized that not only do they have the absolutely best designs, but they also would custom make a collar JUST FOR US!

Off to the drawing board we went- the lighthouse and waves lapping on the pier, the iconic South Haven City logo and the Tall Ship "Friends Goodwill"  (sails 3-4 times a day from the Maritime Museum-go ahead-book a ride!



How to wash a collar and lead:  (It will look good and last the entire life of your dog!)

  • Take it off and give it a quick rinse - sure, you could hose the dog and collar down together, but we’re talking about a category 5 mud storm clean up on aisle 5.
  • Pop it in a delicates laundry bag. If you don’t have one of these – an old pillowcase tied at the top works too.
  • Toss bag with collar in your washing machine on either your handwash or delicates cycle (cold) with your normal laundry detergent.
  • Air dry flat and voila!