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Paragon Treat products are of extremely high quality and offer textures, shapes and ingredients that are very popular choices. With a unique combination of advantages, Paragon dog chews offer all that dogs and owners are looking for.

Purchase from us singles or by the bag!

Chewing on dog treats is a pleasurable and healthy activity that helps to clean the teeth and freshen the breath. By feeding their dog a treat, owners know they are contributing to their pet’s well-being. Dental hygiene is important both to the dog and to its owner and family: a dog with pleasant-smelling breath is more likely to be played with and to get the attention it deserves. Moreover, having a clean mouth helps dogs to stay healthy, active and happy.

The unusual shapes and interesting colour combinations make our dog treats a pleasure to buy and to use. Our high-quality packaging stimulates purchase, and dog owners enjoy seeing the enthusiasm with which their dogs chew their edible treats. The fact that our treats also promote good dental health encourages dog owners to purchase Paragon Products on a regular basis. However, our treats cannot replace the daily diet and therefore we recommend limiting the consumption of our larger treats to one per day as a supplement.

Tan contains Malt Extract

Green contains Chlorophyll

Brown contains Annato Fruit

White contain Rice

Made in Holland (The Netherlands)

Ingredient list: wheat starch, glycerine, vegetable fibres,
lecithin, natural colours / flavours

Average analysis
Moisture 7.1%
Raw protein 1.6%
Raw fat 2.9%
Raw fibres 11.1%
Raw ash 0.7%
Paragon Dental Treats:  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes-makes it easy to find one just right for your dog!
As with all Paragon products, these treats help to promote good dental care. Naturally vegetable-based and containing no chemical additives, they are designed to help clean the teeth and freshen the breath by encouraging dogs to indulge in their natural instinct to chew.

· No Wheat
· Gluten Free
· Sugar Free
· Potato Based
· Highly Digestible
· Plaque Control
· No Meat
· Low Fat, High Fiber