Odor Free Bully Sticks!

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 Curly Bully sticks are great for the smaller crowd, they love being able to easily hold the Curly with their front paws while chewing!  Definitely Shopdog Gilligan's #1 favorite treat!

12" Bully keeps most dogs happy and busy for a long time!

Yaky Stick is coated in Himalayan Yak Milk wrapped around a 12" Bully Stick for twice the flavor and fun!  Cheese includes Yak milk, salt, lime juice.  Dogs love it!

The Full Cane Bully Stick is quite the treat for the dog that loves to chew!  We choose odor free, Long lasting and All Natural, straight from the Beef.  

As our great customer Bill and his dog Birdie says:  "The beef ligament is the best thing I have found for Birdie to chew on. It is hard initially and softens as she chews on it. Unlike the typical dog treats which only last for a few minutes these last for days of constant chewing."